Our Classes

Children’s Beginner’s Class

Ages 4-6 +

This is a pre-karate class where students learn courtesies of entering formal practice and respect for their teachers, the space, and their classmates. There is a saying, “Beautiful manners keep people safe.” Within formal exercise, we learn respect for ourselves and others. In this class, students learn basic blocks and stances, focusing on coordination and balance. Children study when they should use karate or not and begin to think about safety in a fun, not scary way. The ranks go from White Belt to Yellow and Orange Belt with markers in between every two to three months.

Intermediate Children’s classes

Ages 8 – 10

We continue the basic blocks, stances, strikes and kicks and their combinations. Classes mix standard formalities with repetition exercises for strength and accuracy along with karate-type games teaching focus, fair play, and interaction with friends and foes. Students learn pre-arranged sparring with a partner (not opponent), forms, and exercise for exceptional fitness and health.
The ranks go from White Belt through Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple and Purple with a Green Stripe. We also have Youth Green and Brown Belts.

Evening Classes

Adults and Teens

This is classic training in Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu with 1. Warm-ups and stretching, 2. Basics while moving back and forth across the floor 3. Body conditioning and strength building, 4. Formal combinations, 5. Pre-arranged sparring and exercises with a partner, and so forth. Our school follows the body mechanics and training methods of our direct lineage in Okinawa to build extraordinary martial arts skills. We are also concerned with character development of kind, sane, aware human beings with strong leadership skills.
The ranks go from White belt through Yellow, Orange, Blue and Purple belts. Then they change to “Kyu” or “Class,” 4th Kyu is Green belt, 3rd Kyu is Green belt with Brown Tips, 2nd Kyu is Brown belt, 1st Kyu is Brown belt with black tips. The next rank is First Degree Black Belt or 1st “Dan,” 1st “Step.” Now the count goes up. There are ten steps in Matsubayashi Ryu karate, the highest three dans being honorary and for older masters.