Boy, Age 12Woman, Age 55Parent
"Omine Karate Dojo has been extremely helpful in my life because it has given me confidence and endurance. Karate helped me focus at home on my homework and at school on my schoolwork. I’m less distracted and I’m now getting better grades.

Especially, it has helped me control my talkativeness at school, which has kept me out of trouble."
"All the teachers and the incredible people I have met at the dojo have made a difference in my life, and I feel privileged to be part of the Omine Karate family. I always look forward to going to class, and I go as often as I can because I learn so much each time. And I work hard.

There is no short cut to moving up the ranks at Omine Dojo. But the weekly training helps me to feel strong and successful in many ways that spill over into my daily life. Because of this training, I feel challenged and focused on all of my goals. And because I am at Omine Dojo, I feel I am on the journey of a lifetime."
"Even though the financial situation has become more difficult for us, we’ve decided that our son must continue with his Karate. He doesn’t want to quit. He loves it. It would be heartbreaking to take Karate away from him.

I totally agree with the things you point out about the benefits from your program. And I also see that it helps him a lot with letting out stress, and he’s learning to be more focused. He is able to read entire books now which he could never do before. So no doubt he has benefited so much from Karate. Rest assured he will continue. "