Our Instructors

Pat McGalePat McGale

Sensei Pat Mc Gale joined our staff in early 2013 as a senior teacher. He has an extraordinary karate background as the son of a Jujitsu teacher in Okinawa, Japan, where he practiced karate since he was 5 years old. Because he speaks Okinawan language as well as Japanese and English, he learned karate in the language of his masters, understanding fine points which were not translated.

Sensei McGale is an expert in Okinawan weapons which are taught along with karate, and he has spent many years studying Wushu and Chinese weapons as well. In the Okinawan way, he welcomes young and old into his classes. Sensei McGale teaches a special class for senior karate students readying them for entrance into the Black Belt ranking system.
Richard AmezquitaRichard Amezquita

Sensei Richard Amezquita, 3rd Degree Black Belt started at Omine Dojo in 1985 when he was 23 years old, training on and off over the years due to skiing injuries. He returned to his karate training proving some doctors wrong. "You can acheive anything with persistence and a mindful attiude."

He has been a much loved, senior teacher in our children’s program for many years. Together with his son Chris 17, and daughter Alyssa 15, both of whom have been practicing karate here since they were little kids.

Sensei Amezquita has been extremely active training in Sensei McGale’s ancient weapons class.
Nicholas Tom

Nicholas Tom started training at Omine Karate Dojo in 2006 and is a second degree black belt. Nicholas trains actively in the adult class and especially enjoys practicing traditional Okinawan weapons. When he was in college, he also trained in Chinese martial arts and weapons.

Nicholas enjoys leading high intensity classes and teaches to each student’s unique ability. Growing up in the dojo, Nicholas was mentored by his instructors, and he strives to create the same supportive environment for all current students.